With Gerry Hemingway

The Stone Trio together with Gerry Hemingway on drums is characterized by a great sonic awareness, depth and a power arising from silence. Often it is the very simple, quiet and subtle moods, colors and textures that make up the fascination and uniqueness of their music and reveal new listening experiences to the curious listener. […]


Live Music for Silent Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrJ1rTs-jzM Movies: Praeludium (Šostakovič: arrivando al cinema)Look (Justine Klaiber/Jane Mumford, 2012)Interludium 1 (Šostakovič: ascoltando)Anamorphosis (oppure De Artificiali Perspectiva, Quay Brothers, 1991)Interludium 2 (Šostakovič: Hamlet, 1964)Tongue of the Hidden (David Anderson / Florian Ghibert / Jila Peacock, 2007)Interludium 3 (Shostakovich: Odna, 1931)Entr’acte (René Clair, 1924)Interludium 4 (Šostakovič: Cheryomushki, 1963)La clé des […]